Everything is The West Wing and Nothing Hurts

I am a late addition to the West Wing fandom (meaning that I didn't watch the series when it was on air) and I have simply fallen in LOVE with this show! The characters are so special to me and Aaron Sorkin's dialogue is AMAZING, so I figured I'd start this blog highlighting a West Wing quote every day! :)

Do you ever think about quitting?

I forecasted this once. I made up a scary story a few years ago for Zoey, so that she’d take her protection seriously. I went too far, and I scared her, and she cried. This was the story.

Donna: Josh, this was delivered by messenger.
Josh: What is it?
Donna: It’s… wait… wait… no. Damn, my x-ray vision is failing me today.
The Leadership Breakfast, The West Wing. (via jenjeahaly)

If you need to take a break at any time, just, tug on your earlobe or something.
I desperately hope you’re not serious.