Everything is The West Wing and Nothing Hurts

I am a late addition to the West Wing fandom (meaning that I didn't watch the series when it was on air) and I have simply fallen in LOVE with this show! The characters are so special to me and Aaron Sorkin's dialogue is AMAZING, so I figured I'd start this blog highlighting a West Wing quote every day! :)


What did Sam say?

The West Wing Rewatch
: CJ Cregg in ‘The Indians In the Lobby’ (3x07)

The West Wing Rewatch
: CJ, Toby & Josh in ‘The Women Of Qumar’ (3x08)

The West Wing Rewatch
: CJ Cregg in ‘The Women Of Qumar’ (3x08)

Well well well. Dodged a bullet. Which is more than I can say for me in Roslyn.
President Bartlet (via funemployed-fangirl)
"I thought Leo told you to go home."
  • Charlie: Aren't you supposed to be writing?
  • Toby: I am writing.
  • Charlie: I don't see paper.
  • Toby: 'We can sit back and admit with great sensitivity that life isn't fair... and the less-advantaged are destined to their lot in life... and the problems of those on the other side of the world should stay there... and our leaders are cynical and can never be an instrument of change... but that, my friends, is not worthy of you; it's not worthy of a President; it's not worthy of a great nation; it's not worthy of America.' Paper's for wimps.

The West Wing Rewatch
: Leo & Charlie in ‘On the Day Before’ (3x04)